Fluent Communications is a boutique agency founded by the Egyptian cultural entrepreneur, Cherine Amr (MA in Intercultural Communication, Royal Roads University). It specializes in intercultural communication, marketing, and cultural management.

Intercultural Marketing & Communication

In today's world, arts and culture are playing an important role in shifting attitudes, providing perspectives, and change behaviour.
You do your part and I will bring you the audience(s)

✼ Marketing Strategy
✼ Marketing and Communication Execution Plan (includes traditional and digital marketing)
✼ Visuals



✼ Brand persona 
✼ Logo Creation and Visual Carriers 
✼ Brand Manual

Project Management

✼ Project Masterplan and timeline 
✼ Project Communication Plan 
✼ Team management 
✼ Reporting & Evaluation

Cultural Management

✼ Tour Management

✼ Event Management and Production

✼ Resources Development (including grant writing and fundraising)



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