Fluent Communications is a boutique agency founded by the Egyptian cultural entrepreneur, Cherine Amr (MA in Intercultural Communication, Royal Roads University). It specializes in intercultural communication, marketing, and cultural management.

In today's world, arts and culture are playing an important role in shifting attitudes, providing perspectives, and changing behaviours. You do your part and I will bring you the audience(s)

Intercultural Marketing & Communication

✼ Marketing Strategy
✼ Marketing and Communication Execution Plan (includes traditional and digital marketing)
✼ Digital and Print Designs
✼ Social Media Management (including managing advertising campaigns)


✼ Brand persona 
✼ Logo Creation and Visual Carriers 
✼ Brand Manual

Project Management

✼ Project Masterplan and timeline 
✼ Project Communication Plan 
✼ Team management 
✼ Reporting & Evaluation

Cultural Management

✼ Tour Management

✼ Event Management and Production

✼ Resources Development (including grant writing and fundraising)




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