Fluent Communications is a boutique agency founded by the Egyptian cultural entrepreneur Cherine Amr (MA in Intercultural Communication, Royal Roads University + 15 years of experience managing cultural products in Canada and the SWANA region.)
It specializes in intercultural communication, marketing, and cultural management.

In today's world, arts and culture play an important role in shifting attitudes, providing perspectives, and changing behaviours. You do your part, and I will bring you the audience(s)

Intercultural Marketing & Communication for product launch


  • Audience Analysis and Identification

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing and Communication Execution Plan (includes traditional and digital marketing)

  • Digital and Print Designs

  • Digital Advertising Campaigns on Google AdWords and Social Media

  • Social Media Management 

Cultural Management & Grant Writing

  • Tour Management

  • Event Management and Production

  • Resources Development (including grant writing and fundraising)




  • Brand persona 

  • Logo Creation and Visual Carriers 

  • Brand Manual




You wrote a grant application and you'd like to make sure you've done a great job explaining your project?
You have an amazing project, but for some reason, you cannot reach your target audience?
you are about to launch your project and you'd like to brainstorm and/or discuss a couple of marketing strategies you have in mind?
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Massive scar era 

Egyptian Canadian Alternative Metal with Egyptian music influences.

Tara Cheyenne Performance

The preeminent dance-theatre force and sought-after choreographer in Vancouver and beyond.



James & Jamesy

James & Jamesy create multi-award winning theatrical performances with extended characters, rich emotion, and fantastical trips of the imagination.

Theatre Terrific

Theatre Terrific Theatre Terrific pioneers inclusive opportunities for artists of all abilities to develop performance skills and collaborate in the production of theatrical works.


​SNAFU artists create live theatre, puppet theatre, and dance theatre in Victoria, BC Canada.
​We also tour across Canada to theatres and festivals. This performing arts company also collaborates with William Head on Stage Prison Theatre (WHoS).

SNAFU logo w tagline WHITE 2018 copy.jpg


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